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               The Temstica River, before the dam on the Visocica was created, used to be the strongest trout river east of the Drina. Its great fish population and beauty were reduced with the building of the dam, when the Visocica waters were turned into a tunnel which is going to Pirot. Once big and mighty river became a bit more than Toplodolska River, its main source, and few small tributaries. Even in such situation the Temstica remained a fine trout stream and has a lot of fly fishing potentials. Unfortunately it is attacked by poachers and its trout population is far from optimal. However, in spite of those problems we describe this beautiful river, which is in recent times again attacked with the new senseless project with the aim to deflect its waters into the Zavoj Dam.
The flow of the Temstica starts with two strong sources which appear just below Midzor Peak. The left one is the Rakitska Reka, which is 5 km long and is mostly populated with small trout. The right and stronger one is the Javorska Reka which is about 10 km long and is one of the least polluted rivers on the Balkans. Brown trout in those rivers is strong and beautiful fish which gives a lot of pleasure to fishermen.

           On its way to Mrtvacki Most (The Dead Manís Bridge), where it used to meet the Visocica, the Toplodolska Reka, which bears the name of the village Topli Do, some 7 km upstream, cuts through the mountains and makes deep gorges in red sandstone formations. The whole river is accessible with the road which is mostly covered with tarmac. The place where this road can be reached is Temska village, on the road from Pirot to Knjazevac.

The Temstica has very steep flow Ė it is about 30 km long with the altitude difference of about 1000 m. The flow is mostly made from small deep pools and waterfalls. Water created many interesting shapes in the soft sandstone. Brown trout is the main fish in this river, with the bullhead and brook barbel as companion species. Below the Mrtvacki Most and old junction with the Visocica, there is also chub and bleak, while in the lower reaches below Temska there are also barbel and nase. During the past ten years there is a population of very large brown trout coming from the Jerma and the Temstica to the Nisava, and their presence is observed prior to the spawning in the lower Temstica.
he whole Temstica is very interesting for fly fishing, especially above Temska. The main foods for trout in this river are caddis flies, but also mayflies and stoneflies. Fly fisherman can use all types of flies, depending on the situation on theriver. Even in the begging of the season class 5 tackle is good enough, while during the summer and autumn class 4 or 3 may be better choice. The Temska village is 15 m from Pirot, accessible by acceptableroad. he road is on the way to Knjazevac, and it is turning near the Stanicenje village on the Pirot-Nisroad.



                                              Trout from Temstica River