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     After the big expansion of fly fishing on the Balkans and obvious need for a book that will, in one place, describe most of the fishing situations from the standpoints of popular entomology, fly tying and fly using – the ‘Signs on the Water’ was published. 


          Authors tandem professor Goran Grubic and Aleksandar Panic, for the first time, bring you in a new and unique way bring you to the world of water insects, describe their life cycles, trout feeding behavior, tying artificial flies and their use on the water. With more than 200 original photographs of insects, flies, fly tying and most beautiful rivers of Central Balkans, this is up-to-date most representative book in our fly fishing. Critical reader and an author of the Preface was Professor Vera Mitrovic – Tutundzic.


          All 120 pages are printed in full colour, on the best quality paper and hardbound. Quality production and its contents will make ‘Signs in the Water’ your favorite fly fishing literature. On the entomological parts of the Fly and Trout site, there is some of the material given in the book.




         The book can be ordered on following telephones (00 381) 10 342 392 ; (00 381) 63 7211009 and on e-mail: panicfly@yahoo.com. Also it is available in the bookstore "Plavi krug", Majke Jevrosime 2, Beograd, tel.(00381) 11 3241 325