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            The Jerma River is rising on the north-eastern slopes of Streser Mountain in Serbia. Soon after that, as a strong brook, it flows onto the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, near the Strezimirovci village in the area known as Trnsko Polje. There it receives a few smaller tributaries, and this area is important for the river because it is supplying steady water flow throughout the whole year. There are no bigger pollutants on the river, which is enabling trout to live in its whole flow. The trout in the Jerma is a mix of Danubean and Aegean type, because in Bulgaria they released trout fry from some fisheries on the Struma. This trout type also exists in Serbia in the Bozicka River. In Serbia, during the past ten years fry from different sources was released so the trout population is mixed.
The Jerma is returning to Serbia near the village Petacinci, and it is already a strong mountain stream. Just before it enters Serbia it receives The Banjka, quite warm tributary, but the Jerma remains cool and fine trout river. Below Petacinci is the boundary of barbel and nase population.
he Jerma flows mostly through canyon type valleys and it is mostly well accessible by quality roads. The average depth is about 1 m and its flow is not very steep, so that the river does not change much. From its entrance to Serbia to its confluence with the Nisava it is falling about 270 m on the 40 km of flow.


       This does not remind much like trout river, but the Jerma has very good conditions for trout, with plenty of food and good hiding places. It is also flowing thorough one of the most picturesque gorges in Serbia – Odovovacko Zdrelo, which is fly only area and very nice place for a visit. Close by is the Monastiry of Poganovo, which is quite famous and beautiful place to visit.



     Fly fishing character of the Jerma makes it necessary to use nymphs, considering that trout feed mostly on the bottom throughout the whole year. Water is rich in dissolved limestone which is allowing great population of gammarus shrimps to live in the river, which is the main reason why trout mostly remain near the bottom. The suggestion for all fishermen who visit this river for the first time is to use Hare’s Ear Nymph, in sizes 10-12. This is the fly which brings success in most situations.

Trout from Jerma River