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     After several decades of fishing with artificial flies, and hundreds of articles published in the fishing press, we decided to offer a collection of 44 stories in a collection called “Fly Stories. The book follows the development of fly tying techniques and methods for fishing with them, together with our own view how much, or how little, a fly fisher should know all those facts. It is offering relevant information about the origins and development of many flies, and provides text and illustrations for successful construction of those minute sculptures created from furs, feathers and a bit of magic. 

     The “Fly Storiesmay be taken as a collection of experiences we gathered from those who walked on those pathways before us, but also form our own wanderings through the fly fishing success, failure, dead-ends and delusions. For many years fly fishing for us was primeval call and cure for troubles of life, but it also gave us immense pleasure and opportunity to experiment and learn. Many times we abandoned a heavy catch in order to investigate the behavior of the fish, its food, fly patterns and techniques for their use.  

     From the first described artificial fly, since the Roman times, through the medieval experiences that are still useful, to the most modern, which include some amazingly successful imitations - “Fly Stories” are taking you to a journey though the passion which, we feel, is one of the ways to understand better the Nature itself.




            The book can be ordered on following telephones (00 381) 10 342 392 ; (00 381) 63 7211009 and on e-mail: panicfly@yahoo.com. Also it is available in the bookstore "Plavi krug", Majke Jevrosime 2, Beograd, tel.(00381) 11 3241 325