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             Fly fishing manufacture PANICFLY is a small family operation for fly tying and production of small assortment of additional fly fishing materials. High quality of products is achieved because small number of people is involved in the production, also by high quality materials used, and the fact that producers are also fly fishermen with many years of experience. All of the products were long tested in hardest possible conditions. Because of their quality PANICFLY’s products were very nicely received among fly fishermen from Iceland to Argentina. As a solid proof we offer you a picture in the introduction text on which there is a PANICFLY’s Kaufmann’s Hot Butt Caddis after 37 trout caught!!! Small series of flies were prepared almost exclusively directly for the ordered while ordering method is by phone (99 381) 10 342 392  or e-mail address panicfly@yahoo.com.

On the following page we shall show you price categories for certain fly types with an information that all of the flies presented on the Fly and Trout site can be ordered from PANICFLY. We also present high quality furled leaders (for which we offer a two years warranty), universal floating grease for flies, lines and leaders, and lead heads 30 and 60 cm long for nymph and streamer fishing in rapid and deep streams.


       Category of floating imitations includes flies that imitate mayflies, caddis flies and stone flies. Price index is 0.9. All imitations are produced on best quality hooks and with highest quality materials.


      Classic wet and soft hackle imitations have price index 0.8, they are well proven and good fish catchers.

      Terrestrial imitations: ants, wasps, hoppers … have price index 0.9. Those flies use modern materials like polycelon, wonderwing and others which help to obtain right shape and floatability.

            Goldhead flies  use best quality brass ‘gold’ beads well incorporated in the fly. Price index is 0.9

                   Nymphs, larvae and shrimps have price index 0.8. They are very useful flies, tied to be tough, long lasting and good fish catchers

                        Streamers are largest flies on offer, up to hook size #4 have price index 1.5. These flies are intended for greatest challenges and they are tied to last long with strongest available materials.



      Universal grease is a floatant for fly lines, leaders and flies. It has the best quality but also does not pollute the nature and is not aggressive on the tackle. Price index is 3.0.


     Lead heads long 30 and 60 cm (1 and 2 feet) are intended to bring your flies deep in moments when fish stays near the bottom. It is placed between two monofilament pieces on 2/3 of the leader’s length. They do not easily tangle on the bottom. Price index is 3.0.


      Furled leader is indispensable item for all who fish with flies. It is produced in two sizes (model ‘trout’ and model ‘grayling’) from the finest monofilament. This item in our production line was tested for three years of constant use. This quality product has price index 4.0.


 All price indexes are based on Euro.



                            Fly fishing manufacture PANICFLY is taking orders on following telephones (00 381) 10 342 392 ; (00 381) 63 7211009 and on       e-mail: panicfly@yahoo.com