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       The fly fishing tandem Dr Goran Grubic and Aleksandar Panic started with work and friendship about ten years ago, when their common interest in investigation of ancient ways of fly fishing gathered them together. It started in their first meetings, exchange of ideas and discovering many common opinions about fly tying, fishing and popularizing fly fishing. After first few meetings and fishing outings it was clear that their writing for fishing magazines would go much easier and better if the scientific experience and systematic work of professor Grubic combines with outdoor knowledge, fishing skills, photographic ability and fly tying experience of both authors. As a part of the tandem, who virtually has three wonderful trout streams, Aleksandar Panic took responsibility for the field work when other duties prevented joint work. The result of that collaboration are more than sixty articles published together, in various fields but dealing with fly fishing and also publishing of the book Znakovi na vodi (Signs on the Water). Regular cooperation with some of the greatest fishing magazines on the Balkans, and also permanent work on the second edition of the Signs on the Water express clearly the quality of this collaboration and the site you are just visiting is also one of its many sides.

        The main determination of both authors, aside from minor commercial segment, is to educate young fly fishers who would in the future be the future of our sport. This is why the main feature here is the organization of seminars and workshops where it would be possible to present basic entomological and technical details, along with ethic and ecological principles of fly fishing to young people.

Professor Dr Goran Grubic was born in 1956 in Belgrade, Serbia, where he works on The Department of Animal Nutrition on The Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade University. He is married to Olga and has two sons Jovan and Djordje. He is fishing from his earliest childhood and started fly fishing and fly tying in the early seventies. Goran Grubic's e-mail adress  is gorangrubic@yahoo.com.


                                                                           Trout from the Gradac River 


                                                The River Ribnik Grayling

                                         Trout from the Vicočica River



      Aleksandar Panic was born in 1962 in Pirot Serbia, where he lives today and works in Commercial Unit of The Pirot Hospital. He had long active sporting experience and later compensated this activity with hunting, fishing and other sorts of active outdoor activities. He is married to Daniela and has daughter Aleksandra and son Stojan, who are involved in outdoor activities from earliest childhood. Panic Family is holding Fly Fishing Manufacture   PANICFLY. A. Panic's e-mail  adress is panicfly@yahoo.com.

                                                                                                                   Trout from the Jerma River